Governance and institutional cooperation

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As an active part of civil society and the Network leader in the mobilization and involvement of communities and interest groups, undoubtedly one of the main priorities in “Today for the Future” is the Governance and Institutional Cooperation.

Activities in this priority are interdisciplinary with four other priorities: 1) Network of Centers and Community Services  2)Professional Training and Employment Mediation 3) Gender Equality and Services to Victims of Gender Violence 4) Protection and Environmental Services, including a wide range of interests affecting the Albanian society which relate to accountability, general governance, democracy and transparency.

“Today for the Future” has an active role in civil society in the process of monitoring and analyzing the framework of institutional reforms and the government including the mediation among the government, civil society, community andstakeholders and in lobbying and advocating to improve the legal framework of its implementation mechanisms. On the other hand, cooperation with relevant institutions within the central and local governments is a necessity to initiate, implement and successfully complete activities on the improvement of life for their citizens and communities.

The methodology to achieve this includes meetings, round tables, conference networking, research and publications, debates and hearings, increasing partnerships and cooperation agreements with central and local governments, public institutions etc. which are mentioned further in other Network priorities.

Besides the commitment to lobby and advocate for issues pertaining to direct priorities of the work of “Today for the Future”, engagement in governance and institutional collaboration lies in the provision and exercise of civil rights at the heart of governance: the right to vote, participatory budgeting, gender budgeting, reforms in education, social integration and economic development, improving public services, etc.



RAP-311,000 – Community Reporting on Good Governance and Public Administration in Durres and Puka

Public administration reform is a prerequisite for transparent and effective democratic governance. A well functioning public administration also directly affects the ability of governments to provide public services and to foster competitiveness and development. Public administration reform should lead to improved transparency, accountability and effectiveness and to provide a greater focus on the needs of citizens and businesses. An adequately and professionally managed civil service, better policy planning and coordination, sound administrative procedures and better management of public finances are crucial to the functioning of the state and to the implementation of reforms needed for EU integration. Albania needs to step up efforts to improve public administration at all grass-roots levels.

Under this line, this project aims to contribute to improving the implementation of the Public Administration Reform (PAR) at the local level by the Administrative Units in Durres and Puka through community-based and civil society-based recommendations in 5 SIGMA Principles, respectively:

a) Public service and human resource management
1. Principle– The recruitment of civil servants in the Administrative Units (AU) is based on merit and equal treatment throughout its phases, the criteria for landing and dismissal of civil servants are explicit

b) Accountability
2. Principle– The right to access to public information is lawfully adopted and is permanently applied to AU practices

c) Provision of services
3. Principle– Policies and mechanisms for citizen-oriented local administration are installed and applied
4. Principle – The Administrative Units have established mechanisms to ensure the quality of public services
5. Principle – Ensure access to public services provided by AU-s

Expected results from this project are estimated to be:
– Addressing the findings and recommendations on 5 principles of public administration at local level in the two municipalities of Durrës and Puka (publication) through reporting and roundtables
– Realization of two monitoring in Durrës and Puka, through AU-s analysis and perception given by 200 citizens regarding the performance of the Administrative Units in the categories of accountability, and service delivery
– Media involvement in the project implementation process
– Fifteen civil society organizations and groups will be prepared for dialogue and advocacy to improve the implementation of the PAR on local level through training and consultative groups
– Creation of two civic groups for public consultations in Durres and Puka municipalities in the field of gender and social issues, especially for migrant communities through 2 focus groups

The project “RAP-311,000 – Community Reporting on Good Governance and Public Administration in Durres and Puka” is implemented by the Community Development Center “Today for the Future”, under the WeBER Project, funded by the European Union and co-funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands , as part of the implementing partner sub-grants for Albania, Institute for Democracy and Mediation.



PACT – Partnership in the fight against corruption

Project BORIA – Cooperation and Organization to Increase Initiatives and Activism – aims to contribute to a better local governance in the Puka Municipality as well as its administrative units: Gjegjan, Luf-Qerret, Qelëz, Rrape, through increased citizens involvement and participation in improving public services in increasing standardization and quality, increasing cooperation between local authorities and citizens and providing support in the planning of services by local authorities.

Community group BORIA consisting of 25 citizens (women, men and youth) conducted a field-level assessment of public services on the ground-level through 200 questionnaires and active engagement of over 100 representatives in the discussions in the community.

This project is implemented by Community Development Center “Today for the Future” – Puka, under the program PACT – Partnership in the fight against corruption, financed by the European Union in Albania and implemented by the Albanian National Training and Technical Assistance Resource Center  (ANTTARC) in partnership with the Foundation for the Development of Local Capacity (ALCDF) AND ACT ON Society center (AFF).

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