Integration, cultural and economic development for women

  • Improving living conditions, poverty alleviation and increasing economic independence of women asa result of creating new employment opportunities as well as equipping with a certificate recognized by the state through professional training (Cooking course, Tailoring, Babysitttting, Gardening).
  • Socio-cultural integration through providing psycho-social support, information, legal services and organising different meetings.
  • Raising awareness and addressing the problems of domestic violence to provide the opportunity of life from a different perspective to achieve being free to choose and to live a better lifewithout threats, suffering and violence of any kind ; achievingthe dignity of a human being full of virtue, unique quality and value by offering legal support, advocacy, psycho-social, health and economic support, employment, integration etc.


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Aurora flet për respektimin e standardeve dhe të drejtave të grave në punë gjatë pandemisë COVID-19

Ky post është në kuadrin e programit të drejtuar nga Kosova Women's Network, Gender Alliance for Development Center (GADC) dhe organizatave të tyre partnere @Albanian Community Centre - Qendra Komunitare në Koalicionin kunder Diskriminimit me mbështetje Financiare nga Komisioni Evropian dhe bashkëfinancuar nga Agjencia Suedeze për Zhvillim Ndërkombëtar (Sida)

Aurora talks about respecting the standards and women’s labour rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This post is in frame of program lead by Kosova Women's Network, Gender Alliance for Development Center and their partners, Community Development Center “Today for the Future” in the Coalition against Discrimination with the financial support from the European Union, co-funded by Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).
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📌#JETMIR -#youthstandingupfor #humanrights in #albania.

📌🤝Nje rrugetim sebashku per nje mjedis miqesor per femijet ne konflikt/risk me ligjin.

📌👍 #ecim #rritemi #seBashku #Sotperteardhmen
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