Paola- Volunteering Group of the Network “Today for the Future”

    Untitled“I am a student of Social Sciences and part of the youth volunteers at “Today for the Future”. It is an extraordinary experience. Along with other volunteers we give our contribution, which is not only greatly valued but I believe we have gained a different sense of altruism and dexterity in giving our contribution. We are becoming faster, more organized and effective when volunteering in the community as well as organize debates or/and in the media. Our actions have been validated and in personal terms have been established by different opportunities of meeting new people as well as different areas of Albania. This exposed us to new experiences, which have increased our confidence in individual training and expression of critical thinking. The staff of “Today for the Future” is extraordinary and has supported us on personal levels and career wise. Of course one cannot forget to mention group socialization, which is excellent!”
    Paola: Volunteering Group