Gender equality and services for victimes of domestic violence

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“Today for the Future” has a special priority on promoting gender equality and stopping domestic violence by being a part of Coordinating Mechanism Reference Domestic Violence in Durrës and Tirana supporting Mechanisms in Puka, Lezha, Shkodra in accordance with the implementation of Law No. 9669 dated 18.12.2006 on “Measures against Domestic Violence”.

“Today for the Future” is in charge of managing and helping different cases of domestic violence and gender violence ensuring protection, supply of information, psychological and legal help as well as coordination with all that work in the network, whom are in the interest of the victim. The Network is able to react immediately and with proper accountability with the following services:

  • Psychosocial support to survivors of domestic violence
  • Psychological counseling for offenders
  • Support domestic violence cases at relevant institutions: Courts, Police, State Bailiff Office, Prosecution etc.
  • Informational and awareness activities
  • 24-hour hosting line 0800 9888, for counseling and referral of cases of domestic violence
  • Support and legal advice to survivors of domestic violence , especially for Immediate Protection Orders and Protection Orders.

“Today for the Future ” plays an important role in promoting gender equality and partnership between men and women, boys and girls. “Today for the Future” is the author of the national anthem on gender equality ” Bring the sun “, well-known figures in Albania as goodwill ambassadors were involved.
The Network is the leader of awareness organizations and awareness campaigns to promote gender equality and to reduce gender-based violence and domestic violence.

Campaigns such as “16 days of Activism against Gender- Based Violence and domestic violence”, “Orange Day”, “International Women’s Day” are handled in the most comprehensive and innovative formats from “Today for the Future”, constantly prompting massive participation of citizens, youth, private sector, national and international public institutions. The Network is known for its own brand in “Manifesto”, 5 / 5 N’Bllok“, “Bring the Sun!”

“Today for the Future” was selected one of the 20 finalists worldwide in the “3rd Annual Avon Communications Award and Future Without Violence” (3rd 2014 Global Communication Award), for its campaign against gender- based and domestic violence, promoting gender equality through MANIFEST , the anthem “Bring the Sun”, and “Orange Day” which was supported by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth as National Campaign Coordinator in Albania , UNDP , UN Women , the Swedish Embassy , representatives of the Embassy US and EU Delegation in Albania etc .

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