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pdfWho are we?

The Employment Agency “WORK- Today for the Future” was created by the Community Development Center “Today for the Future” under the regional Balkan program “Support of Education and Employment Development– SEED”. It is based on professional licenses for the provision of courses and professional training, as well as social care and community and employment services approved by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth.

Our Goal

We offer professional and career preparation for applicants/job seekers as well as the placement of qualified candidates. The purpose of the agency is to prepare applicants with technical skills that go beyond issuing proper professional qualification. This is a necessity to create successful job applications.

Profile of Applicant/Jobseeker

Every individual capable of working and in the age set by the Labor Code can apply at the Agency. The Employment Agency works under the motto “Work today for the Future”, motivating anyone who wants to work and has the potential and reliability to improve his/her professional and financial life. It is important to maintain the standards, seriousness and professional ethics as security for long-term professional relationship between employee and employer. Therefore, if you are a woman, man, student, graduate pursuing a professional employment and/or career, the agency provides you with a professional and career training that allows you to enter the work process.

What we offer to clients/employers

The labor market today requires a workforce not only qualified but also well equipped with good technical skills and interdisciplinary competences to ensure a high quality of work. The Agency provides businesses the standards required by the labor market and the reliability of candidates, who are professionally certified. To ensure professional stability, businesses may not only require that a person is trained enough to be an official candidate for a position at the agency, but also an additional program of individual technical skills. In addition to giving a complete profile of candidacy, the certification of applicant/jobseekers associated with the career and professional assessment also includes relevant recommendations.

Our capacity

The agency is located in Tirana, but thanks to the capacity of CDC “Today for the Future” and the SEED program it is able to cover further geographical areas and provide all services in Tirana, Durres, Lezha, Shkodra and Puka. However, we encourage all applicants/jobseekers to apply regardless of where they are, as well as all all clients/employers to contact us if they are seeking skilled workforce.

The Agency aims to guarantee the success of a long professional relationship. To achieve this the team is composed of different professional backgrounds: psychologists, career and management coaches and labor market intermediaries.

The services we offer

1) Support in the process of selection and recruitment – professional assessment of the career and the necessity of it, as well as the individual potential of the applicant/job seeker. In this process, the applicant/jobseeker is helped by the Career and Business Management coach and psychologist for professional and career orientation.

2) Professional Career Training and Individual Skills Program

A) Courses/Professional Trainings

cook, tailor, housekeeper, caretaker for children and the elderly, car mechanic, gardening, hairdressing, physiotherapy, masseur, animator, IT, travel agent/tour guide, fitness instructor, secretary/office assistant/assistant in finance, receptionist, dance/music/language teacher​​ (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

B) Career Program and General Individual Skills

Communication, professional ethics and code of dressing, Presentation, Document Preparation

For applicants/clients of social field:organizational behavior, volunteering, community work, teamwork, leadership of a group, facilitation)

For applicants/business clients: organizational behavior, being in charge of an office, fundamentals of management, MS Office programs (Word and Excel), Internet, typing

According to the profile, the courses and the career program will last between 1  and 3 months.

Courses/professional training programs are associated with the career courses and individual skills, tailored to the course selected and/or the needs of the applicant.

The Career and Skills program is also offered as a separate package, especially for students and young people who need anindividual training prior to competing in various companies.

Depending on the requirements of the clients, the agency creates a training package that meets the client’s expectations and needs.

C) Professional Practice and Career Program

All trainees after the completion of the training and career program have to demonstrate their skillsin practice for 2 to 3 weeks before receiving the certificate. The agency provides a professional and career practice through cooperation agreements with businesses, institutions and organizations. Also, clients/employers have the opportunity to get to know potential applicants during the practice period.

After completing the full package of training curriculum, the participants receive a certificate associated with the career and professional assessment including relevant recommendations.

3) Employment mediation

The uniqueness of the agency is that the service provided is comprehensive. It also offers employment mediation and enables the delivery of nomination requests for clients/employers and helps those certified to find work. The process concludes with an agreement between employer, employee and the agency and completes the services of the Agency towards the applicants and the clients.

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Aurora flet për respektimin e standardeve dhe të drejtave të grave në punë gjatë pandemisë COVID-19

Ky post është në kuadrin e programit të drejtuar nga Kosova Women's Network, Gender Alliance for Development Center (GADC) dhe organizatave të tyre partnere @Albanian Community Centre - Qendra Komunitare në Koalicionin kunder Diskriminimit me mbështetje Financiare nga Komisioni Evropian dhe bashkëfinancuar nga Agjencia Suedeze për Zhvillim Ndërkombëtar (Sida)

Aurora talks about respecting the standards and women’s labour rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This post is in frame of program lead by Kosova Women's Network, Gender Alliance for Development Center and their partners, Community Development Center “Today for the Future” in the Coalition against Discrimination with the financial support from the European Union, co-funded by Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).
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